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AIR CLN’s Airbnb Cleaning and Linen Service for COVID-19
AIR CLN’s Airbnb Cleaning and Linen Service for COVID-19

We’re returning to a sense of normalcy in the world with widespread vaccination, but that doesn’t mean we can abandon our face masks or cleaning protocols just yet. Over the past year, vacation property owners have learned more about keeping their guests safe from coronavirus transmission and implemented new cleaning protocols for their rental homes.

AIR CLN has listened to and applied the best advice concerning COVID-19 guidelines for Airbnb cleaning and linen service. We adhere to Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Initiative, developed in consultation with the former Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Vivek Murthy.

Book your property safer - and more often - with Enhanced Cleaning Protocols.

AIR CLN uses the five-step enhanced cleaning process, allowing you to book your property with just a 24-hour buffer between guests instead of 72-hours. You can keep yourself and your family safe when professionals with appropriate PPE handle the cleaning and linen service for your Airbnb.

We follow Airbnb’s five-step cleaning process.

When AIR CLN works in Airbnb properties, we adhere to their established five-step cleaning process with exceptional attention to detail.

Preparing for cleaning.

We always start by removing trash and dirty linens from the property. Laundry is often the most time-consuming task for vacation property owners. That’s why we provide both rentable linens and laundry-drop-off services besides Airbnb cleaning.

Clean dust and debris.

From dirty dishes to wiping down surfaces and sweeping or vacuuming high-traffic areas, we use high-quality cleaning products on every surface to remove visible dirt and dust.


Every AIR CLN team uses CDC-recommended products and techniques for sanitizing after cleaning. We ensure surfaces stay wet with disinfectant for the recommended time and air dry to maximize the disinfecting effect.

Maintenance notes and second-checks.

We go through and double-check that we’ve disinfected every high-touch surface. If we notice issues with the property, we’ll communicate them back to you, so you’re never caught by surprise.

Restocking and resetting.

We offer a unique Consumables Service so you can provide your guests with cleaning products for their arrival and usage throughout their stay. We’ll reset every room with clean linens and the same care you’d use yourself.

Tell your Airbnb guests about the cleaning and linen service you use.

We recommend sharing with your guests that you use a cleaning service like AIR CLN for following COVID-19 guidelines.

Guests will find reassurance in the fact professionals wearing high-quality PPE handled the cleaning and sanitization of your vacation property. The past year saw a sea change in the way people travel and vacation. More than ever, there’s a focus on safety and cleanliness.

Highlight your use of trained, experienced cleaners in your profile to stand out and reassure potential guests.

For unparalleled peace of mind, work with a vacation rental management company.

There are many rewarding aspects of owning a short-term rental property, but they can take up a significant amount of your free time.

The more you can automate the management of your property, the more you can focus on the aspects you enjoy–hosting people in your beautiful home.

Work with AIR MGMT for marketing and everyday operations of your vacation property alongside AIR CLN for cleaning. You’ll experience the ease of our operations services along with professional listing tools to increase bookings.

Schedule AIR CLN for Airbnb cleaning and linen services that follow COVID-19 guidelines.

Over the past year, the AIR CLN team developed strict guidelines to protect our team members, clients, and their guests against COVID-19. We customize all our services to ensure we provide the very best in residential and hospitality services.

To learn more about our array of services or to schedule your Airbnb cleaning, book an appointment online with us today.